Aloe Vera Juice with stevia, 7 years 1000 ml


Aloe Vera Juice Costa Canaria 7 years, with stevia, 1L. I am a natural juice, which comes from a healthy and well-kept field, free of pesticides. 

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I am the Queen of plants in natural medicine. I have innumerable healing properties.

I am the juice of two leaves of freshly squeezed Aloe Vera that I keep all my properties. They say a lot of good things about me, most of them are true. Those who have elaborated me have done it with great enthusiasm, getting me to be one of the best Aloe Vera Juices. I am a natural juice, which comes from a healthy and well-kept field, free of pesticides. I was watered with good water always analyzed. Throughout my life, I have received thousands of hours of sunshine, which have made me unique and true. I am all Canarian juice of our land of Gáldar.

In addition to the vitamins, amino acids and minerals I own, I am enriched and sweetened with Stevia, which also provides vitamins and minerals and a sweet sweet taste. I am the result of a plant from Organic Farming and no synthetic chemicals have been used. To avoid my oxidation only vitamins have been used, which makes me potentiate my healing qualities. That is why I am a simple plant that brings great benefits for man. I have been packaged in PET, a totally ecological and transparent polymer, so you really see what I'm like inside. I can have small green particles, which makes me very natural. Every morning, when you wake up, take a small amount, alone or diluted in any other juice (four tablespoons in fasting are sufficient) you will feel better, stronger and more Healthy, strengthening your immune system, purifying your body, eliminating poisons from the cells, thousands of people do. I treasure the best prizes, people like you who want to take care of themselves and care about health and drink me daily. That's why, our motto, is: Handsome on the outside, healthy inside. Our company: Costa Canaria Aloe Vera S.L., who is the one who makes me, is a serious company that bets on things well done, obsessed by the quality of its products. It belongs to the prestigious: ASOCIALOE, National Association of Aloe Entrepreneurs. Do not think much, if you want quality of life, ask for me in the best establishments, there, freshly prepared, I will be waiting.  

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