Aloe Vera's recipe guide

Lemon juice with Aloe Vera

zumo limon con aloe vera 

Try adding four tablespoons of our aloe vera juice to all your natural juices. For example:

This juice carries: 

- Lemon juice

- Half glass of water 

- 4 tablespoons of our aloe vera Costa Canaria juice with stevia 

- Decorate the edges with grated coconut, aloe leaf and lemon

- Serve very cold, with lots of ice

Juices various flavors

zumos varios sabores con aloe evra

Here we give you some more ideas, they all take 4 tablespoons of our Aloe Vera Juice Costa Canaria with Stevia: 

- Watermelon and lemon juice 

- Orange and papaya juice 

- Green apple and lime juice


Smoothies with Aloe Vera 

Smoothies aloe vera

Also try adding our Aloe Vera Juice to your Smoothies. Here's a healthy example of a rich Smoothie: 

This smoothie has:

1 banana 

- 1 apple 

- Spinach 

- 4 tablespoons of Aloe Vera Juice Costa Canaria 

- Ginger

Dinner Chicken with Broccoli and Aloe Vera Fillets


pollo con filetes de aloe vera 

Great source of vitality and disease prevention. 

Ideal dinner: 

- Proteins (chicken) 

- Carbohydrates (broccoli)

This is a perfect dinner to take care of your line and nurture you in conditions.

If you also add our aloe vera fillets you will be increasing the levels of vitamins, minerals and preventive and defense substances that protect our immune system. 

Glad and enrich your dishes with our Aloe Vera fillet.



Five egg omelet and an egg with zucchini, red pepper and our aloe vera fillets. 

A meal high in protein, vitamins and antioxidants thanks to our eating aloe. 

Make your dishes a medicine for your body.

What do you think today a rich salad like you like, adding our fillet?


Now we prepare our unique leaf plant, ecological and with all its benefits so that you enjoy it in your favorite dishes.

White rice with vegetables, nuts and aloe vera

Arroz con aloe vera

We especially recommend to cook the rice with carrot, the fresh green peas and the zucchini. These three vegetables give flavor and color to the dish, try to use them.

You should also consider using a good vegetable broth, instead of water, for the preparation of this recipe. It gives it more flavor yet. 

Serve rice with vegetables and add nuts and our aloe fillets in small cubes.

This dish you can also take cold, you will be lighter.



- Frozen strawberries

- Banana

- Oat milk

- And above a good trick of our juice of Aloe Vera Costa Canaria.

Energy, vitality and disease prevention ensured.



Chopped ice, brown sugar, a stream of aged rum, fresh mint leaf, if you have lemon, you add a piece, a glass of Aloe Vera Vera Costa Canaria. Put everything in a long glass and beat it to taste.



Ingredients for 8-9 people: 

350 g. Of Aloe Vera Juice Costa Canaria 

200 g. Fresh cream

125 g. Of natural yogurt

25 g. Of cedar syrup

100 g. of sugar


In a bowl mix the sugar, the aloe juice, the fresh cream, the cedar syrup.

Remove until sugar is completely dissolved.

The compound is poured into the refrigerator and the time required is maintained.

The ice cream is kept in the freezer and is removed every two hours so that it is not excessively solid.