We are a group of workers that we joined in late 1999 with the only idea of ​​creating a product based on the best aloe in the world, grown in the town of Gáldar, Canary Islands. After long studies and innumerable sacrifices, plus a blind faith in the product, we know that we have at last achieved our dream. You have at your disposal the best Aloe Vera Juice currently on the market. Crafted with the best hygienic preparation. It is bottled in glass and PET, an ecological and transparent polymer, so you can see its contents and appreciate its essential natural conditions, such as pulp density and the unmistakable bright green color offered by the interior of its bark. Packing it in a transparent container has been achieved after a thorough study. 

The quality and purity of our Juice are our best advertisement. That is why we have earned the respect of consumers. We have invested a lot of effort and money to make our Aloe Vera Juice Costa Canaria the best quality possible. The commitment begins with the care and selection of farms where Aloe Vera plants are grown and developed.

We choose only the best land and the right climate for quality growth and performance according to the needs of consumers. Our farms are all located in coastal areas. 

We cultivate in sandy and fertile soils by the sea, adding before each plantation an extensive layer of volcanic pebble, mountain sand, land of the best quality, and finely coarse, to obtain with it an excellent drainage, essential for the correct Growth of the plant, which receives the necessary moisture and all nutrients. That way we have opted for our warm island coast, where the mild trade of the Northwest, irrigate the plant with marine iodine contributing a new and effective nutrient to the existing ones, in addition to having received each adult plant, more than thirty thousand hours of sunshine.