Our Fincas

Gáldar, city of Aloe Vera. 

We own farms in production with an extension of 250,000 square meters. On the ground, planted, we have 500,000 live plants. With an age of 7 to 12 years. Each plant, if well cared for, brings about 30 kilos of leaf every year. Our adult leaves all weigh approximately one and a half kilos. The annual production of Aloe Vera Costa Canaria juice we can produce, we calculate in 260,000 liters, once extracted and processed the inner product of the leaf, called fillet. The Aloe Vera plant is reproduced by cuttings, or what we commonly call children. Each adult plant - more than three and a half years - produces 25 to 30 children per year. Outside the earth, for the next plantations, we have several million children.