The Laboratory

During "our dream", we have always pursued perfection, which has been no other than creating a high quality Aloe Vera Juice. After long years of study and innumerable sacrifices, with a blind faith in what we were creating, today we finally know that our dream has come true. We handcrafted one of the best Aloe Vera Juices on the market.

We treasure unbeatable hygienic measures. Each work tool, each staff's clothing (most of only one use), as well as floors and walls is disinfected with an antiseptic product, before and after each processing, of Aloe Vera Costa Canaria Juice. The order of things and extreme cleanliness is one of the basic rules that at the beginning of this exciting project we all demand to fulfill. 

During processing and packaging, we take care of the smallest details.

To grow, renew, strengthen, learn and share the accumulated experience must be a natural process in the genetic scheme of every living being. Each and every one of the components of Aloe Vera Costa Canaria we pursue this natural evolution, with the right modifications to gain the respect of our competitors, without loss of a global commitment that agglutinates and reinforces to us all, but that divides us and Exclude us We have the satisfaction of having found a balance of improvements, without diminishing the respect we profess towards those who, like us, have every right to a space in the context of Aloe Vera. With that illusion we start to work every day, hoping that our beloved "Canary Islands", in the short term, will be a face-to-face reference of good quality, for the rest of the world, something, if you know how to take the measurements Necessary, will mark an important milestone in the life of the Canary Islands. We treasure a natural wealth (our climate, our geographic location, our immense sea, and, more important, our people), values ​​that we are obliged to foment, creating employment and giving well-being. But all this must be done from a disinterested individual commitment, born to serve and expand, rather than to isolate and die slowly. We can also say with pride, that the final product born from our Aloe Vera plants, is considered to be one of the best in the world. Thus it is cataloged by the different Scientific Institutes and Universities, that value this millenarian medicinal plant. Let's bet among all, so that the Canary Islands is up to the standard it deserves. The benefit of this challenging bet will be for everyone. As a German friend of the company, Mr. Gunter says: "Canarias, if you wake up with Aloe Vera, you can call and be the pharmacy of Europe."

In our facilities, we have a highly qualified staff, in which we place all our trust. In short, we are like a big family that we have opted for a "Total Quality" Our commitment to society demands this.

The commitment begins with the care and selection of the farms where our Aloe Vera plants are grown and developed. Adult plants seven to twelve years old, which have received thousands of hours of sunshine. The leaves (or pencas) that Costa Canaria Aloe Vera cultivates, collects, processes, analyzes, bottled bottled in glass and transparent PET, and, finally, markets fresh made (within 24 hours of harvest), so that no Lose any of the properties, since freshly made, possesses many and varied nutritional qualities, synthesized by the same plant. For example, the pulp has, in addition to water, carbohydrates, especially mucilages, sugars, acids, organic salts, enzymes, steroids, triglycerides, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, among many others.

We can proudly say that we are the only company in the world that bottles Aloe Vera Juice in transparent packaging (light and air are harsh enemies of Aloe Vera). Our greatest satisfaction is being able to create a bond with our consumers-friends , Offering them a wide range of quality and healthy products, enriched only by natural nutrients. We want to convert the use or consumption of Aloe Vera Juice into a really different experience, unique and at the same time, make enjoy the drinker.

We are aware of our environment: In Costa Canaria Aloe Vera S.L. The cartons, paper and polymers, glass and PET, that we use, come from the recycling and can continue to be recycled. In the labels of our products with Aloe Vera, we use vegetable oils that are self-degradable. In Costa Canaria Aloe Vera S.L., we try to take care of the environment, from the conviction that everything that can be used is not waste, but a new raw material for different manufacturing processes.

In Costa Canaria Aloe Vera we have spent the last fifteen years investing in innovation and development, something similar to what they now call: (R & D + I), but without any official help. Our "adventure" began at the end of the year 1999, when the first two farms were bought and decided to bet by so hopeful initiative.

We started this great adventure without any kind of subsidy or aid, only with the capital that the workers themselves contribute, and continue to contribute to the project. And all, because we firmly believe in what we do, hence our surrender fruit of a blind faith in the final product. Our Zumo Costa Canaria Aloe Vera. 

In Costa Canaria Aloe Vera, the same workers, we have taken risks, modified aspects in our work culture and job creation.

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